Your Donations at Work

All the donations we have spent so far have been given directly to people in dire need. We have been focusing on helping families and getting them unstuck from the system and on their way to freedom. We will continue looking for ways to make a direct impact in the systems, but what has emerged as an effective strategy right now is providing immediate financial support to families who need it most. Families who were robbed, misled, lost everything on their way, or simply don’t have enough money to complete their journey to Germany, Austria, or another viable country.

So far we have sponsored 179 people, more than half of them children, from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. We have helped them get ferry tickets to Athens and on a bus to the border of Macedonia where they will continue their journey north.

Your money is making a real change in the lives of these families.

Please visit our How to Donate page to continue supporting the SURF mission.

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