SURF Update

Hello beautiful people….it has been a long time since SURF provided an update on its undergoing projects to support the refugees and other vulnerable humans. Our operations have been conducted at the minimum level for the past few years due to unforeseen circumstances including personal health issues, family crisis, and security reasons. Now that SURF is back to the battle field to provide humane assistance of the basic day-to-day living costs for the following projects:


The harsh winter and the lack of oil supplies in the cities and towns that were impacted by the war including all refugees’ camps have left them, especially the most vulnerable ones (children, elders, and the sick) in a devastating situation. The current economic recession and the lack of oil supply made everything so expensive to obtain and to deliver. SURF’S mission for this campaign is to buy and distribute thick blankets, warm clothing, food, and pay for medical expenses for sick refugees. There is no monetary goal for this campaign since the population and the need for such a support is massive, therefore please give the BEST you can afford.


Since December 2021, SURF has been working directly with a small orphanage school, Casa de Acolhimento Santa Ana located in a small town outside Lisbon (

). The school provides shelter, education, food, physical and mental support to 22 female orphans ages from 4 to 24. This school receives very little support from the Social Services Department in Portugal, and it relies mainly on generous donors like you to support its mission.

The school urgently needs funding for the following needs:

– Christmas local trip to the theater or circus for all 22 orphans including transportation, food, and admission. The needed budget is about $2,000.

– Psychology and occupational therapy support for all vulnerable orphans year around. This necessary treatment is not covered by the government. The total cost to hire qualified psychologists and pay for the occupational therapy for the entire year is about $9,000.

– Swimming and other sport activities all year around for the cost of about $4,000.

SURF is a tax exempt, non-profit organization registered with the IRS with EIN no 81-1159467. Please send your donation directly to SURF’S PayPal account You can also donate via Zelle directly to SURF using the following email ( Please include your full name, address, and email so we can send your tax-deduction donation letter. Please follow us on

IMPORTANT: Please don’t reference the S country in your donation because the transaction will be blocked and it will take a long time to go through all the BS process to unlock it.

The refugees and the orphans are very grateful for your generous support. The SURF team wishes you a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holidays season.

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