Community Love

Hundreds of refugees’ children have not gone to school for a very long time. The war in Syria made it unsafe for them to attend school. Furthermore, they have been in transition seeking a safe place to call home for many years.

Here in Greece (and in many other countries that took the refugees in), the local community has been extremely supportive of the refugees crisis. They opened their own homes to shelter vulnerable refugees. They supported the use of abandoned schools and buildings to host hundreds of other refugees. They opened their classrooms and enrolled dozens of children in education programs including local language and several international languages.

The locals have formed committees who meet with the refugees leadership team on a weekly basis. They discuss the refugees’ needs, and explore all support options available. They advocate and coordinate with the local schools to find the right fit for the Syrian children, and they collect donated food/clothing from the local residents and bring them to the shelters.

Today, we took a few new families with their children to register for a school close to the squat. The principal and the teachers were very excited to meet the children and gave them hugs, kisses, and gave them apples and chocolate.

In the afternoon, generous volunteers bought a cotton candy machine. We gathered the children who were very excited to watch the process and receive the colorful and fuzzy webs of sugar as they form their hollow shape. Everyone was jumping of joy and being so high on sugar.

Thank you for your continuous support to the refugees and the SURF mission.




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