A letter for Kastro

You may have heard stories about our amazing friend, a Syrian-Greek artist we met in Lesvos. His name is Kastro, and he provided care and shelter for refugees at his home in Lesvos. He welcomed those with special needs that surpassed what the refugee camps can accommodate. Kastro took care of them himself and shared his life, his home, and his spirit.

Hundreds of refugees are stuck in Greece, clueless as to what will happen next. With nowhere to go and very little resources at their disposal, their needs have shifted to the mainland of Greece. A man of action, Kastro moved his initiative there, and immediately went to work. He took over an abandoned school, and outfitted it to host over 200 refugees (mostly families, children and handicapped individuals). He bought and collected tents, mattresses, and food, and with the help of other volunteers, he installed showers, built a small kitchen, and erected a rock climbing wall for children. He bought a car to transport children to and from school. He worked tirelessly on repairing the broken sewers, a highly ambitious and tough project to tackle. He held community meetings at the school to spread the awareness, and educate local residents about the refugee crisis.

It’s difficult to put into words how dedicated Kastro is. He has a huge heart. We at SURF are proud to know him, and proud to be able to support him and his initiative. We are humbled by his generosity and we are lucky to know this man.

Your ongoing support and the generosity of your donations will continue to support people like Kastro who has been instrumental in bettering the lives of refugees.

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