Orange and Grey

A breathtakingly beautiful blood-orange sunrise filled the gloomy sky and dissipated the dreary morning atmosphere. It perfectly mirrored the warm emotions that washed over us as we anticipated the start of our mission. Seconds later, that same intense color contrast would trigger a completely different set of emotions in our inexperienced minds. Out the windows to our left, life vests littered the beaches of the stunning Mediterranean island, and a boat of refugees emptied onto the shore. It just got real. It was a human moment, and just the kind of image we needed to remind us of the gravity of the situation. The word “refugee” feels too detached to use as a moniker for the people in need, and that is what they are, people. Humans, just like us, in a struggle far deeper than most of us reading this will ever encounter. Not only do we want to raise awareness about the plight of the Syrians, Afghanis, Iraqis, and many others who are fleeing in search of something safer than their homes can offer, we want to humanize their story. With that, in the next week, we will share their stories through our own experiences in hopes that you can understand, or at the very least take in who they really are. It was never about us, and we knew that, but that bold clash of images and feelings made that more clear than it had ever been before.


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